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Using a VPN

Occasionally network configurations beyond your control will prevent you from being able to communicate directly with our media servers. One solution could be to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to allow your computer to communicate with the public internet through a 3rd-party secure connection. 

Warning: Using a VPN is restricted in some regions. Please confirm you are legally allowed to use a VPN in your region before continuing.

Using a VPN

Many VPNs can be enabled by simply adding an extension to Chrome. For other browsers please see the VPN homepage and support documentation for further instructions. 

Some popular free options are:

  1. TunnelBearChrome Extension
  2. WindscribeChrome Extension
  3. HotspotShieldChrome Extension
  4. Hola! VPNChrome Extension

Remember to disable and/or uninstall the VPN once you're done with them.

Please note: As these are 3rd-party services, Kira is unable to provide technical support with the installation, configuration or usage of these services.

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