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Disable Firewalls

Device Setup

During Device Setup, you may see two "info" icons reminding you to disable your browser's ad blocker and firewalls. Unlike the check marks above, these steps are not automatically tested for you, so you'll have to do a manual check. Please note that these grey info icons are just reminders, and will not change to green checkmarks.

In most circumstances, disabling your firewall may not be necessary, and you should be able to click "Next" without doing so. However, if you're having trouble connecting to the platform, we do recommend trying to disable firewalls when possible. For a faster experience, we stream your response directly to one of our media servers using a communication protocol called RTMP. RTMP uses different ports from HTTP (the communication protocol for regular web pages) which can often be blocked by firewalls

Public or Corporate Networks

If your firewall configuration has been set by a network administrator, please contact the IT department to find out if it can be changed. If changes can't be made, please find another network to use.

Using a VPN

Occasionally network configurations beyond your control will prevent you from being able to communicate directly with our media servers. One solution could be to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to allow your computer to communicate with the public internet through a 3rd-party secure connection. Please see our Help Page for Using a VPN.