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Adobe Flash: Install and Enable

Install Adobe Flash

Check to make sure that your browser is updated, and that you have installed the latest version of Adobe FlashVersion 27 is the minimum supported for all operating systems.

Enabling Flash on Chrome (Recommended Browser)

If you're using Chrome, your browser will likely have Flash installed by default. Just remember to enable Flash on your assessment webpage:

1. Click the lock 🔓to the left of your address bar > click Flash > choose Allow from the dropdown.

2. Refresh your page! For more on enabling Flash on Chrome, click here.

Enabling Flash on FireFox

1. If Flash isn't enabled for you when you enter your Device Setup > click Tools in your browser toolbar > open Add-ons.

2. In Add-ons Manager > click Plug-ins > change Shockwave Flash to Always Activate.

3. Lastly, refresh your page!  If you have problems loading Flash content while using Firefox, click here.

Enabling Flash on Safari

1. Click Use Every Time when the menu appears from the top of your page, and refresh the page.

2. If that doesn't work, click Safari in your computer's toolbar > open Preferences.

3. Click the Websites tab > choose Adobe Flash Player under your Plug-ins. Assuming you are doing this from Kira's Device Setup page, then should be in your Configured Websites area. Choose On from the drop-down menu.

4. Lastly, refresh your page! For more on enabling Flash on Safari, click here.

Flash Troubleshooting

For Flash troubleshooting and more, please see our Q&A article: Adobe Flash - Troubleshoot Common Issues.