Questions in Kira Assessments

Practice questions vs. (real) assessment questions

The practice questions in Kira allow you to get familiar with the platform and to double check that your device is set up properly. There are some key differences between practice and real assessment questions:

  • During the practice, you can go through the questions as many times as you'd like. During the real assessment, you’ll only have one chance per question.
  • During the practice, you can replay your responses to understand how you're presenting yourself. During the real assessment, you’ll be unable to playback your responses.
  • Only your responses to the real assessment questions are evaluated. No one has access to anything you recorded during your practice questions (except you!)
  • The practice questions may or may not be related to the real assessment questions. Preparation and response time between questions may also vary.

Video vs. written questions

Once you begin your practice or assessment questions, you can see how many questions you have, and whether these questions are video or written.

A video question can only be answered with a video response. During a video question, a pre-recorded video will play and the associated text will be available for you to read on the screen throughout your preparation and response time

A written question can only be answered with a written response. During a written question, the question text will be displayed without a pre-recorded video. There is no preparation time for a written response, but you'll likely have a longer response time.