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Finding Help for your Kira Assessment

If you need technical help during your Kira assessment, we have the following resources ready to help you

Our Chatbot, Lisa!

For instant answers to common questions at any point during your assessment, simply click the green "Need Help?" button to the top right of your screen and begin a chat with our chatbot, Lisa. 🤖

Our Email Support Team

You can email for help with technical issues or any other questions. You can normally expect a response from us at Kira Talent HQ within one business day (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm EST).

Contact the Organization

In some cases, you may need to contact the school/organization you’re applying to for assistance beyond technical support. Such cases include:

  • Extension/deadline inquiries
  • Requests for alternative methods of assessment
  • Application questions/resources unrelated to your Kira assessment

Please check the email invitation you received for their email address or visit their website to find their contact information.

Why don't we offer phone support?

Aside from our chatbot, Lisa, our entire support team is made up of friendly humans who want to make sure you're able to complete your assessment. Here are some reasons why we've kept support online via chatbot and email:

  • Communicating through online messaging and email lets our team properly focus and investigate your issue so the most effective solution is provided. Often we can get to the bottom of things quicker this way without putting you on hold.
  • We’ll almost always send you screenshots or links to articles to help guide you. We might also ask you to send screenshots to help us see what you’re seeing so we can better understand your problem.
  • We track and store these email support requests and chat transcripts. This allows members of our support team to quickly pick up where another left off, so you don’t have to repeat yourself. This also makes it easier to escalate trickier technical problems to our engineers or to loop in the school/organization you're applying to since there will always be a record of your communication.