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Deadlines and Retake Requests

Can I retake my assessment or redo a question?

Once responses during your real assessment have been submitted, you cannot redo them. In some cases, a retake may be granted at the discretion of the organization that you are applying to.

If you have good reason to believe that a retake is necessary after you've already submitted your responses, please reach out to the organization you are applying to. Your responses will be reviewed and a retake will be issued if required. 

How do I find out my deadline? 

To confirm your deadline, please refer to your original invitation email. The deadline might also be stated on other materials you were given during your application process. If you still cannot find deadline information, please contact the organization you are applying to directly.

Can I extend my deadline?

Kira Talent is not authorized to extend interview deadlines. You’ll need to contact the organization you're applying to directly.

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