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Confirming Response Submission

How do I confirm that my responses were submitted?

At the end of your assessment, you will be brought to a summary page stating “Thank you for submitting your responses”. You may or may not also receive a “Submission Confirmation” email once your responses have been saved.

You can confirm your submission by checking that your interview link in your invitation or registration email now brings you to a “Check-Out” page instead of a “Check-In” page. 

Why hasn't the status on my application updated?

If the status of your application hasn't updated immediately, there is likely a slight delay between the systems. We recommend checking back in the next 24 hours or following up with your school/organization to confirm as their application portal lives outside of our platform.

Can I review my responses after they are submitted?

You will not be able to review your real assessment responses. Once responses are submitted, they can only be accessed by reviewers at the organization you’ve applied to. We recommend taking advantage of the practice questions to become familiar with the platform and to ensure your audio and video quality is satisfactory.

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