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Microphone: How to Setup

Note: We are currently supporting two versions of the Kira platform. If the microphone tips below do not apply to you, please see our other Microphone Setup and Troubleshooting article. Apologies for any confusion!

Microphone Setup

In order to use Kira, you'll need to have a working microphone and speakers connected to your desktop or laptop computer. You can also use a headset or headphones with a built-in microphone.

1. Check to make sure that your browser is updated and that you have installed and enabled the latest version of Adobe Flash. To learn how to download, install, or enable Adobe Flash, see our FAQ article here.

2. The following steps are very similar to enabling your webcam in the Kira platform. During the Webcam step of Device Setup, you may see a prompt stating something similar to " wants to use your camera and microphone". Please choose  Allow and Remember at every step you see.

3. If you are using  Chrome (our recommended browser), double check that your Microphone and Flash are set to Allow. Click the lock 🔓to the left of your address bar > click Flash and Microphone > choose Allow from the dropdowns. Refresh your page to save the changes.

4.  Once your  Adobe Flash Player Settings appears in your permissions box, click on the Privacy tab (image of a screen with an eye) and then choose Allow and Remember here as well.

5. To adjust your microphone settings, right click on your webcam screen, click Settings, click on the microphone tab (looks like a microphone). Here, you can reduce the echo, adjust the recording volume, and make sure that the correct microphone is being used by selecting options in the drop-down menu. Click Close to close the permissions box.

6. Next, follow the instructions on your Microphone tab to record a quick 10-second sample video. As you speak, you'll see a white dot flashing next to the microphone symbol to let you know your voice is being detected.

7. You should be able to hear the quality of the audio recorded during your sample video playback. If audio is not detected, you will receive a message notifying you to make adjustments. You can double check your microphone settings in your Adobe Flash Player Settings by right-clicking within the recorder screen, and following the steps above again.

For troubleshooting microphone issues, see our Q&A article: Microphone: Troubleshoot Common Issues