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Webcam: Troubleshoot Common Issues

Note: We are currently supporting two versions of the Kira platform. If the webcam tips below do not apply to you, please see our other Camera Setup and Troubleshooting article. Apologies for any confusion!

Webcam Setup

For help with webcam setup, please first review our step-by-step guide: Webcam: How to Setup

Why can't I access my webcam?

1. Close all other applications that might be using your microphone and webcam (eg. FaceTime, Google, Skype, etc.)

2. Make sure you're not using an incognito or private browser.

3. If you have more than one webcam, ensure the correct camera is chosen in your permissions box. Right click on your recorder screen, click Settings, and click on the small webcam tab on the bottom to explore your options. 

4. If no webcams are listed, check to make sure that 1) you're not using a private or incognito browser, and 2) your webcam has been installed correctly and working in other applications (like this online webcam test).

5. If you're still having trouble with your webcam, it could be related to your Adobe Flash Settings. Please ensure you've installed the latest version of Adobe Flash on your updated browser. If you're using an updated version of Chrome (recommended), you have Flash installed by default. Just make sure to enable it on your webpage under the 🔒icon to the left of your address bar. Ensure both Camera and Flash are set to Allow.

For more on how to enable Flash on FireFox, Safari, and Chrome, click here.

Why am I shown upside-down?

This normally occurs when webcam drivers are out of date. You'll need to update them on your computer and try again. Make sure to reset the default settings of your webcam's built-in software.

What should I do if my webcam is taking a long time to load?

  1. Make sure ad-blockers and firewalls are disabled as sometimes they can cause connection issues.
  2. Check that you have a stable internet connection.

If all else fails ...

  1. Restart your browser
  2. Restart your computer
  3. Try another browser (we recommend Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)