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Connection: Troubleshoot Common Issues

What is the minimum bandwidth or connection speed needed in order to do my video assessment?

The minimum bandwidth required on the Kira platform is 1 mbps for downloads and 500 kbps for uploads. In addition to passing the connection test during Device Setup, make sure you are in an environment with stable wifi to prevent interruptions during your online assessment.


Why is my video assessment loading slowly or cutting out even though I've passed the connection test during Device Setup?

Although our test measures the available bandwidth of the connection, it doesn't yet measure the connection stability. Therefore, "bursts" to the speeds reported in our test (if it's not a stable speed), may cause buffering, loading, and saving issues. If you think you are having connection problems, please follow the troubleshooting steps provided below.

What to do if my connection is too slow or keeps cutting out? 

  1. Ensure that ad-blockers, as well as all firewalls (private and network), have been disabled as you might have a weak connection from working behind a firewall. Restart your device if you continue to encounter problems. 
  2. Find an alternate location in your home with a more stable connection, or try visiting a public library, internet cafe, or any given space with a stable WiFi connection.
  3. You can also try using a remote access VPN. For more information see our Using a VPN guide.

Why does the Kira connection speed test show different results than other online speed tests?

Kira's Device Setup Bandwidth Check measures the maximum expected connection speed directly to one of Kira's media server, that is closest to you. While we have access to a growing number of servers, there may be some limitation to the location and quantity of servers. Speed tests (like are designed to measure your internet connection's maximum expected internet speed by connecting you with a speed-testing server as close to you as possible so results compared with Kira's speed test may vary.

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