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Adobe Flash: Troubleshoot Common Issues

Install and Enable Flash

For help with installing or enabling Flash, please first review our step-by-step guide.

Flash Installation or Enabling Problems

Can't Click "Allow" and "Remember"

In your Webcam and/or Microphone step of Device Setup, if the Adobe Flash Player Settings box does not pop up automatically, try this:

1. Refresh your page, and try Device Setup again.

2. If the box doesn't appear, right-click on the video screen in the Webcam or Microphone step in Device Setup > click  Settings. This should open the Adobe Flash Player Settings box onto the Privacy tab where you can click Allow and Remember. 

4. If Allow and Remember aren't appearing in the box (ie: you're missing the Privacy tab shown in the first screenshot), there are a few things to try:

  • If you're using a private or incognito browser, websites you visit cannot use the camera or mic. Please close your private browsing session and open your online assessment in a non-private window.
  • Restart your computer to reset any saved session-specific settings.
  • Try another browser - more information about our supported browsers here.
  • Try turning off any adblockers or firewalls.

Troubleshoot Flash Website Permissions

1. Use the Global Storage Settings panel:

  • Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) on the video screen.
  • Choose Global Settings.
  • Select the Storage tab. The Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager opens.
  • Select "Allow" third-party Flash content to store data on your computer.
  • Restart your browser and try again.
  • To view or change the privacy settings for websites you have visited, use the Website Privacy Settings panel.
  • To view, change, or delete the storage settings for websites you have visited, use the Website Storage Settings panel. 

2. Change Permissions Site by browser:

Check for Browser Security Level or Firewall Restrictions

See this article for more details.

More Help with Adobe Flash

For a full list of common Adobe Flash problems, see this Adobe article.