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9 Tips To Prepare for Your Kira Assessment

Here are 9 tips to consider as you get to ready to complete your online Kira assessment.

Update your software

Avoid the pesky "Do you want to update?" pop-ups and unwanted computer restarts by making sure your software is up-to-date before you start.

Disable notifications

If you receive any desktop notifications from email, social media, games, or other apps, please turn off these notifications temporarily before starting your assessment.  

Choose comfortable, appropriate attire

In most cases, we recommend choosing business casual attire -- such as a dress shirt, blouse, sweater, or long sleeve top -- to complete your online assessment. You can read more recommendations on what to wear here.

Practice common questions

If you haven't been invited to Kira yet, use your webcam and record yourself completing common interview questions, such as:

  • “Tell us about yourself.”
  • “Why do you want to attend our program?”
  • “Tell us about a time you’ve overcome a difficult challenge."
  • “Describe one of your favorite hobbies and why it is important to you.”

Then review your performance, identify areas for improvement and practice again.

If you've been invited to an online assessment with Kira, you'll have built-in practice questions to complete an unlimited number of times.

Charge your device

To avoid running out of battery halfway through your assessment, please ensure your device is connected to a power source.

Set the scene and adjust your lighting

We recommend a well-lit room and a plain background. Read more about this here.

If possible, ask for quiet time from family, colleagues, roommates and arrange extra help as needed

Let anyone with whom you share a household or office know that they should not disturb you for 30-45 minutes while completing your assessment. You may also want to arrange childcare or pet-care to focus entirely on your assessment without distractions.

Don’t forget to breathe

Remember to pause and catch your breath. Take your time with your response and remember - fitting more words into your response doesn't necessarily make it better! Be concise, be clear and you’ll do great! 

Be yourself, and have fun

The admissions team uses Kira to help them get to know you beyond what you've submitted in your application. This is your opportunity to shine. Good luck!

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