Supported Browsers and Devices

Mobile Devices, smartphones, and/or tablets (including Microsoft Surface Pros or iPads) are not supported in Kira at this time.

Supported Browsers

For the best experience on the Kira Talent platform, please use one of the browsers listed below.

  • Google Chrome: Version ≥ 77 (our recommended browser)
  • Firefox: Version ≥ 69
  • Microsoft Edge (on Chromium): Version ≥ 76
  • Opera: Version ≥ 62

Please note that Safari and Internet Explorer (IE) are not supported at this time.

You will need an updated version your browser to complete Device Setup. You can ensure you have the latest version here: http://outdated

Supported Devices

In order to complete an online assessment using the Kira platform, you'll need the following:

  • Laptop or desktop computer (Windows or Mac OS) 
  • Internet connection (minimum speed information here)
  • Front-facing camera (built-in or external)
  • Microphone (built-in or external, headset/headphones will work too)
  • Speakers (built-in or external)